Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The good thing about not weeding as often as one should is that it really, REALLY looks good when you are done. Youngest and I weeded the front flower bed as son weed whacked and oldest mowed the lawn. Son and oldest dragged their feet and so instead of working in the cool of the morning we worked in the high noon heat when youngest returned from school. As a reward, just as much as for me as for them we went to the beach to cool off. The water felt so good. An hour later and the thunder rolled in, the sky grew dark and the winds picked up. We headed back home refreshed. Before son finished his shower the rain was once again coming down.

Supper was pasta and home made tomato basil sauce, meatballs and garlic bread. I also made blueberry soda. It was really easy and the girls loved it. Hubby said he didn't like the carbonation (um, it's soda). I'm not a big soda carbonation fan myself but it did come out really good. Son said it didn't taste like blueberries. What? It was one third blueberry syrup made with fresh blueberries and you were getting little bits of blueberry in every sip. Why he just say he didn't like it than make something up is beyond me. I think the real issue was it didn't come out of a bottle. Oh well, more for us. And I think the rest of the syrup I'm going to drizzle over the banana ice cream I made.


mrsb said...

I'd love to hear the recipe for the blueberry soda!

Kathy said...

Blueberry syrup on banana ice cream sounds wonderful! (I have to agree with your hubby on the carbonation.)