Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Singing in the Rain

What else can we do? All it seems to do lately is rain. It works for me today. I had a little too much sun yesterday and anymore would surely result in a painful burn. This morning I dropped youngest at the bus and oldest and I went shopping. I returned the shirts that I bought for our family pictures and found ones that we liked better. Oldest didn't really need anything except sneakers but with clearance racks and an additional 30% off she made out pretty good. We also hit the book store as we were waiting for Bob's Store to open to buy jeans for son. As we skipped breakfast I bought us iced coffees and muffins at the coffee bar. Oldest also left with a new book - Resurrection - the latest in the series she is reading. Then we actually found jeans to fit son. The manufacturers assume if you have a 34 length that you are fat. But, Levi's actually had a 30" waist with a 34" length. Guess who he takes after? (Hubby is 6'7") Any way I bought one pair. After seeing that they fit well we will order him a few more pairs. Hubby gets his on line pretty cheap which is good since he needs a 38" length.
I was home in time to pick youngest up from the bus. After lunch the kids and I headed to the library. Youngest is on a military kick and traded in her book on Navy Seals for a one on Green Berets. Everyone was happy with books in hand. Son even managed to find one.
Then it was home to make a batch of coconut ice cream. That was served on top of the blond brownies I made last night. We did have dinner first - a chicken alfredo lasagna.
Now Hubby is off to a fire department drill. It is a mock tragedy involving a bus. Oldest and Son have gone along to be victims. And tomorrow starts hubby's three days off and my three days of work.


annie kelleher said...

ouch... that doesnt seem quite fair!!! but blonde brownies and coconut icecream sound wonderful!!!

Lynette said...

oh it sounds like a great day
love to shop
books are always awesome
and icecream yyyyyyuuuuummmmm

hope kids come back with all their limbs after the mock accident

relax and enjoy!

Martha said...

Rain? What is Rain?? We haven't seen rain in oh, six months!!

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