Monday, July 13, 2009


Yesterday the kids and I went to visit my Aunt & Uncle. I had to drop off the money for oldest's car and some paperwork. We visited over ice tea.

When I asked the kids what they wanted to do youngest of course said the beach. Son, said maybe we should go to a museum. Really, son said that. So, the kids checked the places we should go board I have tacked up. We fill it with anything that sounds interesting and then highlight the items as we visit them. Off to Springfield to the Springfield Museums and Dr. Seuss memorial garden. Admission gets you into four museums and the garden. There was a history museum with a toy soldier display, two art galleries and a science museum. We paid extra for the grossology exhibit. This was an interactive exhibit where we learned about snot, burbs and farts. It was a lot of fun.

Today, I was off for my breast ultra sound. The joys of having dense breasts. I have a cyst that they want to look at in another six months. Mom used to get them all the time so I'm not worried. Plus, it's not painful like the ovarian cysts I get monthly. That being over we'll head to the beach as soon as youngest gets out of school at noon.


Laura Rose said...

I love your attitude. Sometimes the medical proceedures themselves can scare you when there's really nothing to worry about.

Lynette said...

sounds like a breast cyst would be in the grossology muesuem

mrsb said...

Sounds like a lot of fun with the kids! Anything that gets them off their behinds, lol!

I have the dense breast thing, too, and a history of breast cancer in my family, and a history of cysts. Ugh. Every 6 months for the mamo, which they almost always have to do a shot or 2 twice. Then an ultrasound. Fun, fun! Better to make sure though, right?

Darcy said...

Hopefully all is well with the ultra sound. Did you hear yet?

NJDecorator said...

Stopping by to say "hi". My son asks for museums as well, of course he wants to be a history teacher.

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