Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saturday Fun

The rains poured down Friday night but cleared to a beautiful sunny afternoon. The wedding was beautiful. The couple and their friends are awesome. Youngest came with me and before everyone arrived we mixed and mingled. We played ladder ball with the kids. We tried the gazpacho the bride's brother made. It was a pleasant afternoon. They found me through the town's website. Apparently it lists all the justice of the peace in town. After further googling they picked me as I seemed down to earth being an herbalist and all. That is so cool. I guess I'll have to google myself and see.

After the wedding I took the girls to the beach. Son was in a snit all day. I made all the kids do their fifteen minutes of cleaning before they could do anything else. Bad Mommy! And wait, it is a new day and a new fifteen minutes. The other reason he didn't want to go to the beach is that it was block party day sponsored by the women's club. He saw the sign and thought it was a women's only day. Sometimes I wonder. The beach was jammed as you didn't need a beach sticker to get in. They had a DJ, a snow cone machine and pop corn.

We ended up sitting behind some firefighters from New Hartford. One saw oldest drawing and asked if she could draw a picture of his friend, Mushy, sitting in front of her. She did and it came out really good. It will be hung at the fire house for a while and be the brunt of some fire house humor I'm sure. He found out I went to school with his chief. When he said his last name I realized I knew his dad. His dad (until he retired) worked with my first husband, Birdie. He LOL and asked what is wrong with Birdie? We joked back and forth and had a water fight before we left. The girls had a great time and I haven't laughed so much in a long time.


Lynette said...

oh my how nice to enjoy such a great day
thanks for sharing

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Martha said...

Sounds like fun, ah, I miss rain.