Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The end of my Four day week end

Youngest went to school and son and I went shopping. He loathes shopping but he needs sneakers. Armed with a $5.00 off coupon as well as a 15% off my order we headed out. The sneakers he liked were on sale pretty cheap. We then both bought a pair of sun glasses. Mine disappeared.

I then dragged him to the next store. He is now set for school with pens and supplies. I bought him a new MP3 player. The one he has bio bought him. He can download 20 songs. For under $30.00 he now has one that will hold 600. He is going on vacation with my sister-in-love's family and I thought he might need to tune out occasionally. I then picked up each of the kids a digital camara. They are so cheap now. They came in three different colors so I don't even have to label them. I just printed out their packing list so other than batteries they should be good to go. They leave Friday for a week. Hubby and I are trying to determine how many dates we can fit in with both of our work schedules.

Oldest finished mowing the lawn today. She also emptied the trash and changed over the laundry (thanks Mrs. B). The rest of us headed out to weed. Youngest runs the buckets to the compost pile and I can weed full steam ahead. Son joined us and was none to happy. He is glad I'm going back to work tomorrow. Oh, but wait I have a list that hubby can follow. The girls will weed the hosta bed and son will turn over the compost pile. When we all chip in we can accomplish a lot in a short time. Again we cooled down at the beach. Son didn't want to go so I put him in charge of finding a recipe that involved shrimp and whatever we had in the house. Almost 90 degrees outside and he picks a stew, shrimp orleans. It was a rainbow meal with plenty left over for lunch tomorrow.

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