Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I whisper to the kids (sometimes loudly) that they are spoiled. No, I'm not youngest argues. Hmm! New clothes, favorite foods, someone to take them to the beach and the library, buying books for no reason.... spoiled. And I love doing it. Youngest said that Hubby spoils me. How's that I say. He gives you hugs and kisses. Oh, then I guess I am and so is she.

The kids loved the mock accident. They asked to participate again if they have one. It was a school bus accident and they had 15 victims. Both kids were dead. Son was decapitated. Originally they gave that to oldest but she said that was a little to creepy. Ya think.

Today I was at work and hubby and the kids went to the beach. Horrid life these kids have. I asked what they cleaned in their fifteen minutes (I ask that they spend 15 minutes a day cleaning something in the house) blank stares. Tomorrow we'll do it. Spoiled, I say, spoiled.


Martha said...

Yes, spoiled, my kiddos too, but also balanced with love and discipline. You are only young once and the summer goes all too fast. I think of it as Blessed.

Walk in the Woods said...

Spoiled? Maybe. Loved? Without doubt or question!