Saturday, July 25, 2009

Week End Begins

Last night hubby's Justin came for dinner. We have two that grace our table and hubby refers to his cousin as my Justin. He comes next Friday with his girlfriend. The Justin's live alone and do not cook much so, I take great pleasure in fixing them a home cooked meal. And the plastic containers left from Chinese take out make great to go packaging. It doesn't matter if the container returns. Though if it does I promise to refill it. Last night was "roasted" (in the crock pot) chicken glazed with rhubarb chutney, mashed cheesy potatoes and glazed carrots. For dessert we had warm (from scratch) chewy gooey brownies topped with home made coconut ice cream. OK, I spoil every one who enters my doors. Friends laugh - the first time they come to visit I ask if they have any food allergies or any foods they hate or love. I love to cook but it is no fun if your guest won't or can't enjoy the food.

Today I have the pleasure of performing (for lack of a better word) a wedding ceremony. The couple are coming in from different parts of the country for an afternoon picnic ceremony. It is very casual and sounds like it will be a lot of fun.I love being invited into peoples lives for a brief moment and sharing such a happy time. Katie and Chris - here is to a beginning of many blessed years to come.

Tomorrow the girls and I go see Seussical (the musical) at the Thomaston Opera House.


mrsb said...

Dang, I wanna come eat at your house!!

Lynette said...

oh wonderful
a wedding picnic
oh how i would love to visit too

coconut ice cream oh to die for
and home made brownies

ok i am allergic to alumnin foil
and lots of spices starting with c
like cumin, cilantro and the such lol

Martha said...

Sounds delish, umm, can I change my name to Justin??
So you are ordained, how cool is that!! Mazel Tov to the new couple.

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