Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4, 1906

103 years ago the greatest women to ever walk the face of the earth (in my humble opinion) was born; Getha Sarah Weed. She was born at home in a little town not far from here. She was proud of her swamp yankee roots. A family line I can trace back hundreds of years to England.
In 1926 she married and added Heath to her name. She was graduating from nursing school. Her diploma hangs on my wall. She was also 6 months pregnant with my Aunt(Godmother). When Heath came home with VD - a sure sign that he had not been faithful - she divorced him. My Aunt stayed with her paternal grandparents and Getha worked as a nurse in New York City during the week to pay for my Aunt's upbringing.
In 1938 she married Paul Louis Richards. In 1940 my father was born. Grandma continued to work as a nurse (locally now). Her and Grandpa worked hard and played hard. I have the photo albums to prove it. They had wild costume parties, mortgage burning parties and their silver anniversary. These all took place in their basement with the make shift bar. My parents wedding reception was also held there. She was always dressed in the latest fashions. My mom tells the story about how before route 8 was open and it was still in construction Grandma drove around the barriers to use the new road. My mom panicked and asked what she was doing. This is quicker she replied.
Just before I was born she was forced out of nursing. The laws had changed and they were going to make her retake all her tests. This crushed her.
Growing up she was so much fun. She helped my brother and I build a swing in the big willow tree behind the house. She had a fold down ironing board in the kitchen. My brother and I would set that up as a bar and make Grandma drinks (ice tea).
Grandpa passed when I was in junior high. After that I would mow her lawn, clean her house and make sure she took her medicine. When I went off to college my brother took over.
October 3, 1988, was my 21st birthday. I woke up to find that Grandma had passed in the early hours. I feel blessed that she chose my birthday. She is with me to this day.
So, today instead of dwelling on this "nations" Independence. The birth of a nation which comes on the near obliteration of another. I instead celebrate the birth of my Grandma Richards.


Lynette said...

Happy 4th! I too find another reason to celebrate the 4th.
I also want to say Happy Birthday for your Granny! Thanks for sharing the story.

Walk in the Woods said...

Happy Birthday Gertha!!!!!

Laura Rose said...

What an amazing woman!!

Darcy said...

That is the coolest thing I've heard. What a celebration of a life. Your grandma would be proud of you, Kim.