Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Coffee and Work

I work three days a week. Since I took over for the fired dude I have four days worth of work. And four days it was what I was working and the extra money was really, really nice but summer is here. School is out and I am going to enjoy my kids. I came back from vacation to a neat pile of work. Neat only because I left a big box for my co-workers to deposit it into. It is sorted and filed in an organized fashion in hopes that I may complete it before their next period ends. My boss who has way to many jobs and duties and whose newest helper just gave his notice because he wants to be a CPA (he can't balance one account but hey, it's nice to have dreams). One co-worker is here every other week as she goes through chemotherapy. And one girl was out yesterday for a funeral. My boss is stressed. And I am wonder woman. Her clients period ended and I am entrusted to balance their bank accounts. I do this every month and every month I am annoyed. I still have not caught up from vacation. One clients fiscal year ended and all I did was shove his paperwork in a LARGE envelope. I haven't looked at a thing yet. And yes, I can work from home. But, last week end I needed to make a dent in cleaning my house before it was over run with dust and cobwebs. I had grocery shopping to do. This is almost an all day affair especially since it had not been done in a month. I also had family obligations. So, nothing was done over the week end. I can bring stuff home this week end and force myself to spend time on it. Probably in the wee hours of the morning before the rest of the house wakes. I'm only half way done with my cleaning chores and I have not weeded or dead headed a thing. And I'm sorry I missed the circus of a memorial service today as I was going to take notes for the gala event I have planned in case bio kicks the bucket. And you guessed it - I had full octane coffee this morning. One cup at 6:00 and I still feel like the energizer bunny. I even came home from work and walked on the treadmill. Did I mention I have a ton of stuff to do at work and not enough time to do it. Uugh! Oh, and the flipping bank did not balance. But other than being frustrated that my clients are on the back burner life is pretty good.

I talked to my girlfriend from the farm last night. She had much to celebrate. She just passed her test and is now a certified pharmacy technician. This involves a raise as well. Yeah!! As she was telling me about all the things in her life I was excited. When she asked me what was new I simply replied the same old stuff. I later wondered is that true? I'm busy with work, kids and volunteer work. I meet regularly with groups of my girlfriends. But, nothing new. Hmm, what is the spark that's missing? Or is that just a lot of little things are going on every day and I just don't have one big event to relate. I think that is more the case.


Kathy said...

I wish I'd thought of the box thing.
I'm looking for something new, too. Not huge like a new husband or a new job, but tiny, like a new way to express myself. I'm thinking needlepoint.

Walk in the Woods said...

Hey, sometimes no new *is* good new - know what I mean? An "uneventful" life is sometimes just what we need ... and it seems that yours is filled to the brim without any added excitement.

BTW, I had to re-read the following sentence a few times ... "Her clients period ended and I am entrusted to balance their bank accounts."

LOL! Love ya!!!