Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Girl Scouts and parenting

Three more meetings and my Girl Scout career is over. Yeah! (see me doing back flips and fireworks going off) Youngest is fed up with the obnoxious girls in the troop. When a twelve y/o is fed up can you imagine how I must feel? Some are loud, some whine and a couple (really one in particular) is a spoiled brat. Whining, in your face, nagging spoiled brat. And gee, I'm so upset youngest has decided to move on. NOT!!!!

I really think I'm in the minority these days. Parenting seems to have done out of fashion. People are so busy trying to be friends with their kids or make up for long hours at work that discipline and teaching manners have fell by the wayside. Then I talk to a few people who parent and I realize I am not alone.

10 y/o boy the other day was annoyed that someone took something of his. The girl was just holding the item. He demanded it back. Before she could answer or hand it to him he grabbed it from her hitting me in the process. When I said that he hit me he replied, "it wasn't my fault." Yes, yes it was and the correct response would be, "sorry, Mrs. E." After a brief discussion he retorted, "fine, I'm sorry" in the snottiest way possible. {Can't choke small children} When I mentioned it to his mom her reply, "Well, girl took his ..." I know, I was there. I saw the entire thing. The point is he hit someone; whether he intended to or not and he should apologise. I would feel the same way if he had hit someone else.

On the way home youngest said - I know he said it wasn't his fault but it was. When I gave the hypothetical situation to my other kids oldest said she would apologise. Son, being son said he would laugh. When I added that the person hit was an adult he quickly said he would apologise. Whew, they passed that test in my book.

Monday, April 26, 2010


When I was about six or seven my mom took me and a few friends to see Alice in Wonderland at the drive in. All I remember is being scared and sitting underneath the dash. I've had no urge to see it since. Then a new movie comes out with Johnny Depp. Hmm!

I thought maybe I should read the book first. They had a beautiful display at the book store still. There was a beautifully illustrated copy I almost bought before settling on the Norton's Critical Edition. I finished Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and still have Through the Looking Glass to read.

Now, I know why I was scared. I found it creepy. I read several of the critical essays on it afterwards and some of the biography. If this is such a much loved children's tale I'm missing it.

Any other thoughts would be welcome.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


I attend the balance group at work. It is run by the nutritionist and a co-worker. We discuss health, food, exercise and all sorts of things to keep us healthy and in balance. It's a great group and the discussions are always thought provoking.

We have a health and wellness committee at work. There are two vacancies and the nutritionist asked if I would fill one. Wohoo!

Bowling birthday party went well.

Yesterday was sunny and beautiful. I took the girls for hair cuts and then shopping. They both had gift cards to spend. One was at the book store. I had to buy myself a book.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Back to work

It was back to work this week. The good thing about taking a week off is that it gives my clients time to send me everything I need to complete their financials. It is so nice to work on one store from start to finish and move on to the next. I usually work on paper as it comes in and some days I can work on all of my stores. And you wonder why I sometimes don't know my name. I actually contemplated going in on my day off today. I decided to stay home and get some chores done so I can relax this week end.

Once the house is cleaned and grocery shopping is done youngest and her two friends should arrive home. It's her birthday party day. I'm taking them bowling and then hubby, oldest and son are joining us at the pizza place. So much better than a sleep over. And I like the two friends that are coming. Cake number two is in the freezer. Last week was a coffee ice cream cake layered with an Oreo cookie crust. Just in case her friends aren't big coffee ice cream fans I switched it up. I made a batch of macaroon brownies in the bottom of the pan and then put a batch of coffee ice cream on top.

Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm fat

There, I've said it.

Two years ago I lost weight and threw out my fat clothes. I've since gained most of it back. I have no money to buy new fat clothes.

I want to lose weight, need to lose weight. Not that I'm unhappy with myself or trying to look like Twiggy. My hubby thinks I'm beautiful. So do I in a Venus of Wilendorf sort of way. Hey, weight gain and sagging coupled with the right bra has given me cleavage I never had when I was young and thin.

I'm not dieting because the doctor said to lose 20 lbs and come back to see her. She gave me three months - that was three years ago. My HDL and LDL were good but my triglycerides were a little high. I asked what caused that and she answered pastry. That did it for me. I love food, I eat sometimes (OK a lot of times because it tastes good) but, I'd give up pastry for a second helping of mashed potatoes and gravy any day. I'm not a pastry eater.

I have changed my diet over the years. It is more of a life style change than a "diet." as I learn more about myself, herbs and nutrition. I eat really good food. I eat way too much really good food.

I could give you the list of excuses - stress, changing schedules, no support from hubby (remember he thinks I'm beautiful), time constraints, etc. etc.

So, besides the fact that nothing in my closet zips properly if at all I feel like crap. The extra pounds have slowed me down. Weighed me down literally. The hardest part for me though - besides sticking to regular work outs - is that once the weight starts to come off I feel better. I have energy again. Most people think I have way to much energy now. For me this is slow motion. I work as an accountant. All the accountants I know sit at a desk and work. When I start feeling like my energetic young self I bounce off the walls at work. I can't sit still. I'm that annoying kid in class with ADHD. I don't have ADHD (at least not that I know of and I don't mean to pick on anyone who does but...).

Now, get this. Hubby gained a couple of pounds and has been really, really annoying about losing them. He wants my support. Really, NOW YOU KNOW HOW I F'N FEEL! was my answer to that. Suddenly he's on board. Between that and having no money finally bike rides and hiking are family functions(took me how long).

So, my goal is to zip my pants. My next goal is to spend time in my gardens again without feeling winded.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Things that baffle me

I just read Annie's blog and I have to comment.

She writes about a woman who wrote a book about her horrible ordeal. She was let go from her job and had to sell her seven bedroom house and move into her house by the sea. I'm guessing this house is much smaller. She's fine in case you were worried about her.

The story reminded me of an article I read recently. A couple and their son live in a 1,600 square foot home. Her husband is 6'4" so it is really tricky decorating such a small place for three people. She has to be really organized and buy smaller furniture that can still fit her large husband. Her son is 6 or so. Really, really this is hard in such a small home. What!?

Is this because the norm now is to have humongous homes. Homes that are so big and expensive that half the rooms are unfurnished.

I grew up in a family of four in 1,100 square feet. Did we get creative? Yes. Did we sometimes bump into each other and have to work it out? Yes.

I have a 1,600 square foot home. Same number as family above. Hubby and I have three kids at home. Their were four at one point. Hubby is 6'7". My kids all take after daddy. And we have more than enough room. I don't buy special furniture. I am super organized but that's because I'm anal like my dad. An entire article was written about what a difficult task living in such a small home is. I don't get.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Call me petty

or bitchy, or whatever.....

So, we had youngest's family birthday celebration last night. Pizza in the oven - hubby hasn't filled the tanks for the grill yet. So, after make your own pizzas - mine was caramelized onions, mushrooms and roasted peppers with mozzarella and feta cheese - we had homemade coffee ice cream cake. I used oreos to make the crust (funny, I only buy them for ice cream desserts). Then she opened her presents. First the one sent by bio.

Now, for three months she has been calling bio and telling her what she wants - three months. The same thing. At least one of the set of four games for her Pokemon. That was not what she sent. And it was wrapped in Bratz paper - what is she turning 6. The card gushed about how she loves her and misses her. Really? She hasn't talked to any of the kids since Easter and hasn't seen them in over a year (really good thing). And she never called for her birthday. But, she really misses her. Please (say this extended with a big eye roll). The present got a small oh and she moved on.

Then she opened with cards from grandparents.

Then our present.

In a big bag I wrapped her presents and layered them. Starting with a patch from the science museum for her collection, a water bottle holder for her bike, some new bras, a couple of books she wanted and drum roll.... the present she has been asking bio for. Well, actually two of the games. We got a huge smile, big eyes and lots of thank yous. OK, that thrilled me to no end. For a nano second at least we were the heroes.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

spring break update

Well, hubby remembered the bike trail as six miles. It's actually 8.2 miles. Round trip of 16.4 miles is not a good idea for a first bike trip of the season. We all slept good that night. The weather was beautiful though and seeing the violets in bloom and seeing the different wildlife along the trail was great. We ended with a picnic lunch and ice cream sundaes.

Tuesday we headed to Talcott Mountain State Park and walked the trail to the Hueblein tower. It's 1.25 miles to the the tower. The scenery is awesome and the fresh air and exercise did us all good.

Yesterday I woke the kids up early for a trip to Boston. We parked at the Riverside station and took the T into the city. We took a duck tour around the city and then spent the afternoon at the science museum before heading back home.

Today is youngest's 12th birthday. Her party with her friends is next week end - pizza and bowling. Yeah - no sleep over! She wants to rent movies today. I need to make one more batch of ice cream to finish her cake - coffee ice cream cake. And we're having - you guessed it - pizza for dinner. Homemade tonight - maybe on the grill.

It's supposed to rain tomorrow so I was thinking of taking the kids (more like the girls)to see How to Train Your Dragon at the movies.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Break

The kids are on vacation this week and so are hubby and I. We usually take this week and go on day trips. This year the trips will be a little closer to home and budget friendly. We do plan to spend a day in Boston at the science museum and the aquarium.

Today we are off to the bike trails in Millerton. NY. We used to go their a lot before we were married. It was close to hubby's house. The last time we went youngest rode on a tag-a-long bike behind hubby. She fell asleep on the trip back and I rode close by to make sure she didn't fall off. Now our little girl is turning 12 this week. She's taller than me and developing that attitude. I can't help but laugh when she pulls it. It's just so new and seems so out of character.

I'll bring a picnic lunch with us and enjoy the beautiful spring weather. We have a few hikes planned as well. It should be a good week.

Different note - hubby found a flag in the middle of the road. It is read, white and blue and reads open on it. It is one of those flags that shop keepers fly in front of their stores. Hubby thought maybe one of my friends could use it. (Let me know if you can) Son says I should save it for when I open a restaurant. I have no plans to do that but, it was nice to know he thinks that much of my cooking skills. The girls agreed with him. The debate waged on as if I was not in the room. Hubby even joined into the discussion - explaining how difficult the hours would be. Youngest thinks I could open a soap shop as well. I have enough on my plate at the moment. I did make two batches of soap this week though - orange and lemongrass. I also made a batch of lotion. Most is for personal use but a few bars are for sale. I do mostly special orders.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Son is failing two classes - math and health. He doesn't see the point in these useless classes (his words not mine). Really, what's the point - when will I ever need math? Can't I take basic math.

I hate to tell him that this is basic math. OK, so it is not basic addition and subtraction - more practical like how to calculate interest on your auto loan. But, he's a freshman not a third grader.

And health class - damn you mean I really have to hand in my homework. He was all excited this week because he received an 80% on his latest homework. You will have to repeat this class because it is required was a motivating factor. Well, with a 38% in the class he brought it up to a 54%. Just get a D you stubborn little....

The good news - in my world not his. He needs at least a 50% average to go to summer school. Yeah baby, think it's fun not handing in your homework and making me spend tons of time consulting with your teachers? Have fun this summer. I'll be on the beach while you'll be in class.

But, he's handling it all on his own. He doesn't need any help from anyone. See how that's working for you.

And, I just want to know how I ended up with a young version of my brother? Good news is son and my brother are now working together. Brother does roofing and such and has son help him. Brother has been explaining how it may pay well but physical labor takes a toll on one's body and now he wishes he had studied. Thanks Bro, he may listen to you. He'd never listen to Dad or me - we're just really stupid parents. Gotta love teenage arrogance.

Monday, April 5, 2010


My parents called from Florida on Saturday. They were planning to go to sunrise service on the beach and were taking a paddle boat ride that served lunch. Sounds like fun.

I hosted Easter - my family and my brothers. His kids are 3 and 5. I made them baskets with coloring books and art supplies. The girls and I filled plastic eggs with candy and coins. They were much more interested in finding them than opening them. I think they went home with all of them unopened. It was a nice quiet, relaxing day filled with warm weather. The crocuses are in full bloom and the daffodils are blooming or on the verge.

Saturday I visited my Uncle Johnny. He had to be moved to a nursing home a few weeks ago. He physically can walk but the connection between brain and legs is not working. He can no longer feed himself. I brought a plate of cookies. It makes him smile. He'd talk a little and nap a little. He'd whisper he was cold. I covered his shoulders with a blanket and rubbed his arms and hands. A little reiki love as well. He'd wake up and say, "I love you!" When I left I told him I'd be back - he said he hoped so. I covered him with kisses and left him napping.

My MIL called to wish us a happy Easter. She said while her and Dad were traveling the caught an interview with the author of The Smart Stepmom. They said it could have been me. She was smart and articulate. She said their are two chapters for the Dad's to read and that they should be thankful for the role the step mom takes on. MIL said she was going to try and find the book for me. And she thought her son needed to read the chapters for the dad. He appreciates me I said. She said he could never show it enough. If she doesn't find the book I will order it off of Amazon - it sounds really good. I will let you know. But, what I really came away with was what a compliment my MIL gave me by saying I was the smart step mom.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Learn Something New

In my post about the Girl Scouts I mentioned we threw the used up gift cards away. My dear friend Rose responded with the following.

You mean *recycled* those cards, don't you?Sorry - had to say it. It's a pet peeve of mine. These cards can be sent back to the companies that produce them with notice, and request for response, that they should be accountable for their re-use or recycling or other responsible disposal ... or, at best - not produce them at all.I use some that I receive as junk mail (fittin, eh?) for scraping and burnishing in making art. I recently saw an upcycled mosaic mirror that used cut-up pieces of these ubiquitous bits of toxic waste.I could go on. Like I said ... pet peeve.

I had never given it a thought to recycle these items. I will be doing so from now on. Thanks Rose.