Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Son is failing two classes - math and health. He doesn't see the point in these useless classes (his words not mine). Really, what's the point - when will I ever need math? Can't I take basic math.

I hate to tell him that this is basic math. OK, so it is not basic addition and subtraction - more practical like how to calculate interest on your auto loan. But, he's a freshman not a third grader.

And health class - damn you mean I really have to hand in my homework. He was all excited this week because he received an 80% on his latest homework. You will have to repeat this class because it is required was a motivating factor. Well, with a 38% in the class he brought it up to a 54%. Just get a D you stubborn little....

The good news - in my world not his. He needs at least a 50% average to go to summer school. Yeah baby, think it's fun not handing in your homework and making me spend tons of time consulting with your teachers? Have fun this summer. I'll be on the beach while you'll be in class.

But, he's handling it all on his own. He doesn't need any help from anyone. See how that's working for you.

And, I just want to know how I ended up with a young version of my brother? Good news is son and my brother are now working together. Brother does roofing and such and has son help him. Brother has been explaining how it may pay well but physical labor takes a toll on one's body and now he wishes he had studied. Thanks Bro, he may listen to you. He'd never listen to Dad or me - we're just really stupid parents. Gotta love teenage arrogance.


Martha said...

Son needs to learn the hard way, sorry he's not appreciative of all the support you and his Dad provide him.

Kathy said...

My Joseph failed English because it was boring and the teacher didn't like him (his words.) He went to summer school and made an A, but at least he passed all the rest of his courses after that.