Monday, April 5, 2010


My parents called from Florida on Saturday. They were planning to go to sunrise service on the beach and were taking a paddle boat ride that served lunch. Sounds like fun.

I hosted Easter - my family and my brothers. His kids are 3 and 5. I made them baskets with coloring books and art supplies. The girls and I filled plastic eggs with candy and coins. They were much more interested in finding them than opening them. I think they went home with all of them unopened. It was a nice quiet, relaxing day filled with warm weather. The crocuses are in full bloom and the daffodils are blooming or on the verge.

Saturday I visited my Uncle Johnny. He had to be moved to a nursing home a few weeks ago. He physically can walk but the connection between brain and legs is not working. He can no longer feed himself. I brought a plate of cookies. It makes him smile. He'd talk a little and nap a little. He'd whisper he was cold. I covered his shoulders with a blanket and rubbed his arms and hands. A little reiki love as well. He'd wake up and say, "I love you!" When I left I told him I'd be back - he said he hoped so. I covered him with kisses and left him napping.

My MIL called to wish us a happy Easter. She said while her and Dad were traveling the caught an interview with the author of The Smart Stepmom. They said it could have been me. She was smart and articulate. She said their are two chapters for the Dad's to read and that they should be thankful for the role the step mom takes on. MIL said she was going to try and find the book for me. And she thought her son needed to read the chapters for the dad. He appreciates me I said. She said he could never show it enough. If she doesn't find the book I will order it off of Amazon - it sounds really good. I will let you know. But, what I really came away with was what a compliment my MIL gave me by saying I was the smart step mom.

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Martha said...

That sounds like a lovely Easter. Yes, you are one Smart step mom!! I am glad your MIL acknowledged that.

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