Monday, April 26, 2010


When I was about six or seven my mom took me and a few friends to see Alice in Wonderland at the drive in. All I remember is being scared and sitting underneath the dash. I've had no urge to see it since. Then a new movie comes out with Johnny Depp. Hmm!

I thought maybe I should read the book first. They had a beautiful display at the book store still. There was a beautifully illustrated copy I almost bought before settling on the Norton's Critical Edition. I finished Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and still have Through the Looking Glass to read.

Now, I know why I was scared. I found it creepy. I read several of the critical essays on it afterwards and some of the biography. If this is such a much loved children's tale I'm missing it.

Any other thoughts would be welcome.


Kathy said...

yeah, it's pretty creepy on several levels. But it's a classic, huh? And then again... Johnny Depp.

Sapphyre said...

I used to have nightmares that I fell in a hole at my Grandparents house. At the bottom of the hole was a cave with a floor tiled to look like chess pieces. The chess pieces were HUGE and were after me. I had to pedal my trike as fast as I could to get away. It had the "Alice" feel to the nightmare and reoccured often. Yup.... It's a classic. Not my choice of "must see" flicks.