Friday, April 23, 2010

Back to work

It was back to work this week. The good thing about taking a week off is that it gives my clients time to send me everything I need to complete their financials. It is so nice to work on one store from start to finish and move on to the next. I usually work on paper as it comes in and some days I can work on all of my stores. And you wonder why I sometimes don't know my name. I actually contemplated going in on my day off today. I decided to stay home and get some chores done so I can relax this week end.

Once the house is cleaned and grocery shopping is done youngest and her two friends should arrive home. It's her birthday party day. I'm taking them bowling and then hubby, oldest and son are joining us at the pizza place. So much better than a sleep over. And I like the two friends that are coming. Cake number two is in the freezer. Last week was a coffee ice cream cake layered with an Oreo cookie crust. Just in case her friends aren't big coffee ice cream fans I switched it up. I made a batch of macaroon brownies in the bottom of the pan and then put a batch of coffee ice cream on top.

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