Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Break

The kids are on vacation this week and so are hubby and I. We usually take this week and go on day trips. This year the trips will be a little closer to home and budget friendly. We do plan to spend a day in Boston at the science museum and the aquarium.

Today we are off to the bike trails in Millerton. NY. We used to go their a lot before we were married. It was close to hubby's house. The last time we went youngest rode on a tag-a-long bike behind hubby. She fell asleep on the trip back and I rode close by to make sure she didn't fall off. Now our little girl is turning 12 this week. She's taller than me and developing that attitude. I can't help but laugh when she pulls it. It's just so new and seems so out of character.

I'll bring a picnic lunch with us and enjoy the beautiful spring weather. We have a few hikes planned as well. It should be a good week.

Different note - hubby found a flag in the middle of the road. It is read, white and blue and reads open on it. It is one of those flags that shop keepers fly in front of their stores. Hubby thought maybe one of my friends could use it. (Let me know if you can) Son says I should save it for when I open a restaurant. I have no plans to do that but, it was nice to know he thinks that much of my cooking skills. The girls agreed with him. The debate waged on as if I was not in the room. Hubby even joined into the discussion - explaining how difficult the hours would be. Youngest thinks I could open a soap shop as well. I have enough on my plate at the moment. I did make two batches of soap this week though - orange and lemongrass. I also made a batch of lotion. Most is for personal use but a few bars are for sale. I do mostly special orders.


Laura Rose said...

Enjoy your vaca!! :)

Martha said...

I love your soap and scrubs, you are amazing! Your Spring Break plans sound like fun, please enjoy!