Thursday, April 15, 2010

spring break update

Well, hubby remembered the bike trail as six miles. It's actually 8.2 miles. Round trip of 16.4 miles is not a good idea for a first bike trip of the season. We all slept good that night. The weather was beautiful though and seeing the violets in bloom and seeing the different wildlife along the trail was great. We ended with a picnic lunch and ice cream sundaes.

Tuesday we headed to Talcott Mountain State Park and walked the trail to the Hueblein tower. It's 1.25 miles to the the tower. The scenery is awesome and the fresh air and exercise did us all good.

Yesterday I woke the kids up early for a trip to Boston. We parked at the Riverside station and took the T into the city. We took a duck tour around the city and then spent the afternoon at the science museum before heading back home.

Today is youngest's 12th birthday. Her party with her friends is next week end - pizza and bowling. Yeah - no sleep over! She wants to rent movies today. I need to make one more batch of ice cream to finish her cake - coffee ice cream cake. And we're having - you guessed it - pizza for dinner. Homemade tonight - maybe on the grill.

It's supposed to rain tomorrow so I was thinking of taking the kids (more like the girls)to see How to Train Your Dragon at the movies.

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Martha said...

My butt feels sore just reading about 16 miles on a bike.
It sounds like a great spring break, my best to you and the family.