Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Girl Scouts and parenting

Three more meetings and my Girl Scout career is over. Yeah! (see me doing back flips and fireworks going off) Youngest is fed up with the obnoxious girls in the troop. When a twelve y/o is fed up can you imagine how I must feel? Some are loud, some whine and a couple (really one in particular) is a spoiled brat. Whining, in your face, nagging spoiled brat. And gee, I'm so upset youngest has decided to move on. NOT!!!!

I really think I'm in the minority these days. Parenting seems to have done out of fashion. People are so busy trying to be friends with their kids or make up for long hours at work that discipline and teaching manners have fell by the wayside. Then I talk to a few people who parent and I realize I am not alone.

10 y/o boy the other day was annoyed that someone took something of his. The girl was just holding the item. He demanded it back. Before she could answer or hand it to him he grabbed it from her hitting me in the process. When I said that he hit me he replied, "it wasn't my fault." Yes, yes it was and the correct response would be, "sorry, Mrs. E." After a brief discussion he retorted, "fine, I'm sorry" in the snottiest way possible. {Can't choke small children} When I mentioned it to his mom her reply, "Well, girl took his ..." I know, I was there. I saw the entire thing. The point is he hit someone; whether he intended to or not and he should apologise. I would feel the same way if he had hit someone else.

On the way home youngest said - I know he said it wasn't his fault but it was. When I gave the hypothetical situation to my other kids oldest said she would apologise. Son, being son said he would laugh. When I added that the person hit was an adult he quickly said he would apologise. Whew, they passed that test in my book.


Martha said...

The moron parents of this aggressive kid need to be saving up their money for lawyers and trips to the jail.
Yeah for moving on from Scouts. Our boys are done w/scouts too, glad to have one less thing to deal with and nag them about!

Kathy said...

I completely agree with you.

I am a fairly relaxed parent and my husband's family think we are terrible. We let our kids do what they want as far as eating, activities, etc.

However, they are willing to try new things and eat well because they have not been bribed, cajoled or ridiculed into doing anything.

But most importantly, they are always polite to adults (even crazy ones) and are great caregivers to children smaller than they are. They have faults, but they are kind people, and that's important to us.

Sapphyre said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you for being a parent! That's 3 less A-holes in this world!!! You have great kids and I love all three...well...I'm partial to the girls of course, but I love all three. You guys did a GREAT job!

Laura Rose said...

Just had this discussion with a friend. What ever happened to consequences? ...