Saturday, May 1, 2010


Oldest is taking her SAT's this morning. She's a little nervous. She's also excited because tonight is the junior prom. I'm surprising her with a trip to the spa this afternoon. I think she thinks she's having her nails done. I booked a pedicure, manicure and hair for her. She has no clue what she wants to do with her hair. No fear I took care of that. Instead of waiting around for her I'm having a massage while she has her pedicure.

Son is at a three hour Saturday morning detention at the school. Breathe in slowly.... Everyone keeps telling me how much easier boys are to raise than girls. And the best - boys are never moody. What boys/men do they know? I'm not saying girls are easy either but I wouldn't pick one over the other on the easy level.

Hubby is taking a three day class on swift water rescue. Yesterday was classroom and today and tomorrow he will be in his new wetsuit learning good things.

Youngest is just hanging out.

My parents are home from Florida. They've been working like crazy in the yard and mom is really tired. They wanted to come up today or tomorrow morning. I called back and invited them for dinner tomorrow night. Remember we're on diets so don't fuss. OK After looking at the options in the freezer I've decided on shrimp and steak fajitas with lots of fresh veggie toppings. I'll make some Spanish rice on the side.

And I've been invited to a fireside gathering tonight.

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Martha said...

That sounds like a delightful dinner and I so agree w/the lame statements re.boys vs.girls, each child is different and puberty is tough on everyone.
Lovely gift for oldest daughter btw, You Rock!!!