Saturday, May 8, 2010

Week in reverse

Today oldest and I went to support my friend Susan at her art opening at the Sculpture Barn in New Fairfield. The gallery was beautiful a perfect place to showcase all of her amazing talent. The artwork was all around the theme of bees and she had dancers come in a perform a dance of the bees. Oldest who doodles and does ceramics was thrilled. And when one beautiful crone suggested she visit Susan at her studio oldest beamed and Susan was excited. New connections, new growth I can see it already.

Son who has managed to bring all of his grades down as well as receive a 3 hour Saturday detention and an unexcused absence for leaving class without permission. Needless to say all privileges have been revoked until further notice.

Youngest spent the night at Girl Scout camp. They were teaching the younger girls. She went kayaking, played archery and ate instant tacos. You take a bag of Doritos and crush them in the bag and add the meat, cheese and fixings and eat them out of the bag. This was a big hit.

Thursday night the heathens met to discuss the subject of time. It was a night with friends and laughter.

Monday my MIL came down so I could teach her about facebook. Someone in her fire department started a page for the department. She wants to monitor the content. Good thing because they posted pictures from a fatal accident. Those have been removed now. After her lesson she treated me to lunch. It was a nice visit.

Our adopted nephew packed up and left for the Cape and his new job. I'm not sure which one of us will miss him the most. I sent him off with treats and soap.

My parents are home from Florida and came for dinner Sunday night. They are both back on diets. I made steak and shrimp fajitas with lots of veggies for toppings. I paired that with my version of Mexican rice.

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Sapphyre said...

The art exhibit sounds awesome! Glad she had a good time. Glad you are having a really good week! :0)

After finals, let's do some walking and talking. I left you a comment on the comment you made on my blog.