Friday, May 28, 2010


I belong to the balance program at work. I joke that it's the only thing balanced about me. Actually it's a great group that meets for twelve weeks - its been such a hit we're on our third tour. We discuss food, nutrition, exercise, health issues, stress all things we struggle with and try and bring back into a healthy balance. Besides tyring to live healthy several of us need to loose a few pounds (see I'm fat).

Yesterday we decided in our free for all discussion that we missed the accountability and competition that WW provided. We have decided to post our gain/loss for the week. I have also partnered up with someone to be accountable for exercising more regularly. The hardest part about the treadmill for me is getting on. I've found that if I listen to music and put the TV on mute that it satisfies my need to multi task.

I came home after work last night and hubby had just finished his bike ride. How come you get to work out and I can't? I asked. He offered to make supper so I could go on the treadmill. Deal. Two miles later and supper was waiting for me. Yeah!!! He's finally being a little more supportive. He gained a few pounds a few months back and was a bear. He wanted my sympathy. That is when my head spin, green stuff spewed from my mouth and I hollered now you know how I feel! That was the turning point for getting him on board.

This morning I'm walking with a friend around the lake - nice six mile walk. We did it a few weeks ago and are trying to mesh our schedules to walk more often. Exercise and friendship can't ask for more than that.

Well, maybe the massage I'm getting this afternoon while oldest has her hair and nails done for the senior prom.

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