Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hello/Good Bye

As the count down for girl scouts is on and I am very VERY excited someone tried to burst my bubble last night. Youngest went on an overnight last week end. I couldn't make it as it was last minute and I was going to the art gallery. Youngest had a great time. Only three of the ten girls from her troop showed up. The leader last night says to me that she thinks she has youngest talked into coming back next year. NOOOOOOOO!!!! That is not a good thing. Uugh! Youngest has not said a word though so we will see.

I gave my notice to the fire department that I would not be signing over. I volunteer the next town over as treasurer and coffee maker. I am tired. The dynamics of the group has changed dramatically and it is time to move on. Ten years is enough.

My hubby is now deputy(assistant) chief in our town. I used to serve as treasurer for our fire district. Last night was our annual meeting and after a lot of thought I decided to run for secretary. I won by 1 vote. I believe it came as a huge shock to the current secretary. The look on his face when he realized his position was being challenged. This committee meets once a month. This move was motivated by several things - to get me back into the town fire scene, to see friends I don't see nearly as much, politics and this is a paid position. It doesn't pay much but a few extra bucks from a job in town will be nice.

I can put in more hours at work but, an hour commute one way - I'd rather not.


Walk in the Woods said...

Hey - good for you! Manifesting dreams and making wiggle room are vital. :)

Martha said...

I would Not be happy w/this leader trying to sway your daughter, hope it all works out.

Good for you for making some really great work changes.

My Mother's Day was fine, low key with a great dinner by hubby.

Kathy said...

I agree with Martha. When we started a new school, the assistant in his old transition school tried to talk him into staying. I asked her to stop, told her I'd always said he'd be there just a year and had never bad-mouthed the school like some others who were leaving. I had to explain to my son that it wasn't a choice. For one thing... it cost money and the new school was public. Anyway... good luck.