Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Alice part II

So after reading Alice in Wonderland and finding it rather creepy I went on to read Through the Looking Glass. It wasn't creepy just bizarre. That's all I can say. And from what little I know of Disney's movie (remember I was hiding under the dash) they combined the two books. And even with Johnny Depp in the new version I still have no urge to see it. I'm still wondering who thought these were great children's books.


Martha said...

I think Lewis Carroll ate some type of a hallucinogenic prior to writing these. They are kind of creepy.

Walk in the Woods said...

When I read these as a child I found them mysterious and intriguing ... as a teen I began to learn of the social and political perspectives that Carroll was expressing ... as an adult, I still like revisiting these stories and to this day consider his "caucus race" one of the most succinct images of the modern-day political process. Call me crazy. You won't be the first. You won't be the last. :)