Monday, May 24, 2010

this and that

I haven't had time to get on the computer lately. I haven't even been planting crops in farmville. I'm finally getting rather bored with it. I've gone as far as I can and at this point all I can do is level up. And really, does that matter?

I've been weeding and spreading bark mulch. Hubby not only got a load for mother's day but keeps replenishing the pile as I deplete it. I haven't mulched anything in a few years and the beds really need it. It looks so good. I've been laying newspaper down under the mulch. This helps with the weeds and the newspaper will break down. Hubby was able to snag a bag full of newspapers that the mobilmart was going to throw away.

June is fast approaching and that means a flurry of activity at the elementary school. Field trip after field trip, picnics and a promotion ceremony. These ceremonies just annoy me. Well, the ceremony itself is cute it's the emphasis and big deal that many make that annoys me. Some parents buy their kids huge presents for sixth grade promotion. Let's see what are the options - staying back a grade or going to 7th grade. Oh, the change schools. Maybe because I went to the same junior/high school. I went through the elementary school in the next town over and changed schools three times before 7th grade. I changed schools not because I moved but because depending on where you lived in town you went to one school for K - 3 (this changed for my third grade year) and then everyone went to the big school for 4 - 6.

Bio asked youngest what she wanted for graduation. She claims she is sending her a present. Youngest asked for a plane ticket out of here. Bio thinks it's because she hates us and living here. I think it's because she is twelve and bored and bio lives somewhere she doesn't remember ever being. It must be exciting. Of course youngest thinks that visiting bio will be like going on vacation with us. Bio will take here there and everywhere. Youngest drills her on all the places they will go. All bio comes back with is the grand canyon. Granted that is awesome but, then what? Hours upon hours of watching TV. And bio has hyped up her little corner of the world. If you want to know why Adam ate the forbidden fruit it was so he could leave paradise and go to Kingman, AZ. It far beats Edan.

Bio has a new boyfriend. She wanted the kids to know that if they call her on the weekends they have to use her cell phone because she's not at home (shacking up with Leroy). And if she can find an attorney who doesn't have a full case load she will have the kids for the month of August. But, it's really hard because right now she's at the academy when the lawyers are in their office so she will have to wait until after her graduation. Supposedly she has a job as security at the jail. But, don't worry she will have her picture taken and send them a copy. Youngest has told her repeatedly that she has forgotten what she looks like.


Kathy said...

I have no idea how you put up with that ... mulch... from bio.

I agree on the ceremonies. Last year Mark "graduated" from 5th grade. I went around telling everyone how proud we were since he was the first person in our family to ever graduate from 5th grade. Well, I enjoyed it...

specialtybob said...

Ceremonies, Yuk.

School ceremonies When you complete high School or are we celebrating you decided to keep going to school until you finish the 12th grade.

No brag about kids, get presents cost all your friends and family money.

Is it the law to go until you get to a certain age in this state?

I'm a good old boy they had truant officers when I was young (not) they were the police that showed up at the house if you weren't 16 and your parents said you did not have to go. You got a free ride in the back seat of the car to school. Oh ya just to go to the principals office to ge whacked, your parents called and then sent back home by the principal (they call it expulsion).

Mulching how nice, next time he can buy you a toaster, vacumn cleaner, and an apron. No you probably ask for that present.

I glad you are into education every bug should get the chance to read the paper.

Happy days.