Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's day didn't suck

I dread mother's day. All the hoopla and my kids kissing bio's but and I get nothing. Well, nothing in the way of a mother's day gift. I am blessed with raising them and seeing all the ups and downs and inbetweens that bio misses.

Hubby bought me a beautiful card and a load of bark mulch. It was far too cold and windy to spread today but it waits. Yeah! He also picked out a beautiful card for the kids to give me. He had them all sign it. It was a mother's day thank you card. The high point was when hubby said that as oldest read the card before signing it that she said it was perfect.

I headed to temple and then grocery shopping. I thought the stores might be slow - not! Youngest wanted to use her last gift card she received for her birthday. I told her she would have to go to temple and grocery shopping as well. OK She was perfect in the store and very helpful. As the time was getting late I treated her to lunch. She found the DS game she wanted and all is right in her world.

I made myself salmon in parchment for dinner. I made steaks for everyone else. I made wild rice pilaf and creamed spinach. I love creamed spinach and figured the rest of my family could suck it up. Oldest loved it and went for seconds. I used a new recipe from Sunny Anderson. I'm a food network junkie. Then I made a banana cake with cream cheese frosting for dessert.

I hogged the TV in the living room to see all my food shows on DVR from last week.

Oldest talked to bio this morning. Bio told her to have youngest call her. She must have been really bitchy about it. Oldest nagged and nagged youngest. Youngest finally said she would call her tomorrow. Oldest was all tweeked out. She called bio back to say youngest would call tomorrow. The woman is 3,000 miles away - how much trouble can she be in. But, hey no mind games going on there.


Sapphyre said...

If it were anyone else, I'd wonder why the hell you were cooking! LOL! I know how much you enjoy it, and so do they. My mother's day? Well, we can guess, right? Checknout he blog. The day was kind of funny, in a twisted sort of way. Really looking forward to Friday! I need to do something good for myself!

Laura Rose said...

Perhaps a special stepmother's day, too?! I'm in! :)

Martha said...

Thanks for the recipe link and I love all the food shows too.
Happy Mother's Day from one mom to another, in the trenches. ((HUGS))

Walk in the Woods said...

Enjoy your mulch!

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