Friday, June 11, 2010


On the fat front:
So, since we decided to start checking in weekly at the balance program I have lost 1.3 lbs. I have walked 10 days and logged 26 miles on the treadmill. I feel better even if the pants still don't zip. I'm headed in the right direction. I've been reading the book Younger Next Year and loving it. Several other group members have read it. This one is aimed at men about to retire but the principles are universal. There is a women's version which I was loaned and will read next. Hubby has been much more supportive this time around. Yeah! I have an appointment with my doctor for an annual exam Sept. 13. (It's been 4 years) This gives me three months to loose the 20lbs. I was supposed to. I need some competition even if it is with myself.

Has a new boyfriend. They met the week before prom. He treats her well, takes her places and cooks for her. He's a nice kid. Seems a little immature but I haven't decided if that's the age and I'm really getting "old" or if he really is. The school year is winding down and she is looking for a summer job. She has applications out and a few more leads to follow up on.

He has pulled his math grade up to passing this semester. He's had straight A's for 4 weeks now. This reinforces my theory that he was failing on purpose. I'm not sure if it will be high enough to pass for the year yet. What he is failing is skills seminar otherwise known as supervised study hall. I thought failing gym took the cake but I have to hand it to him this really is the frosting. He's been working more with my brother doing roofing jobs. They are so much alike. But, brother dear has grown up and come to learn the pains involved in hard labor and is encouraging son to get an education. ;o)

Oh my is she growing up. She has joined the ranks and started her moon time cycles. She was so nonchalant about it. And she is developing a little bit of a smart mouth. As annoying as this may be I see it as healthy. She is voicing her opinion and that is good. And so refreshing from my other children (I worry about them). Crazy hair day is coming up at school. And she asked if I could take her for a boy's hair cut. She has been very clear about growing it long - that is what bio wants. By boy cut she means a short hair cut like I used to wear when hubby and I were first married. Perfect - because she hates taking care of her hair.

Called his dad in a panic. He has been unable to get an ID because they won't except his birth certificate. He only has the hospital copy. He was born at the military hospital in Korea. Bio has all of his original paperwork. He lives with her and we have been letting the two of them handle it. He didn't really care much until he was let go from his job for not having ID. He lives in AZ. On top of that grandma must be complaining that he is not paying rent. He claims bio has sent letter after letter to Korea with no luck. (Really, no kidding) After 5 minutes on the computer I found all the info you needed to send to Vital Records in Washington, DC. A letter notarized at the town hall and a check were off in the mail later that day. I hope they can act quickly. He also asked us to send him $300.00 a month to live on. We still hold his savings account. It has very little in it. We have told him we will send it to a school, insurance, landlord, etc but he will not be getting cash. Especially since bio is on his checkbook. He funds the account and she spends it.

Other stuff:

Tonight oldest and I are off to the Thomaston Opera House to see RENT.
I am officially done with the fire department in Winsted. I start as secretary for the Barkhamsted fire district in July (they only meet once a month). And I only have one more event to finish with my Girl Scout career forever. {Can you hear the angels singing and fireworks going off?} And the leader who claimed she had youngest talked into joining again - so wrong. Youngest came out and said again that she is done. Ready to move on.

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