Saturday, June 19, 2010


Crazy hair day is this Tuesday at school. Youngest says to hubby I want to cut my hair like a boy. Hmm! At supper she announces the same thing. By a boy I ask - what do you mean? Like you used to cut yours she says. Ah! I wore my hair short - really short when hubby and I first met - it was a short woman's hair cut. OK, I'll make an appointment. I had her pull pictures out of magazines so we could show the hair dresser. I have always liked her hair short especially since washing it is about all she wants to do. Bio has stressed over and over that it should be long like her split end over processed day glow orange hair. She has jet black hair that is turning gray and she dyes red.

Last night she had her hair cut. It came out really nice. I'll have to get pictures. Then the hair dresser says - I have some leftover highlighter I will have to throw out. Would you mind if I put a few foils in her hair. I'm not a big fan of coloring kids hair but I know the foils will look good and give it some body. Sure! Boy, did that really make the hair cut. She looks like she's been kissed by the sun.

We then headed to meet hubby for dinner. Oldest was at boyfriends graduation and son was with girlfriend.

But, in the morning before heading off on another field trip for school she asks - when are we seeing bio this summer?
You're not going to Arizona this summer.
But, bio said you gave her a list of dates.
Daddy and I gave her the dates we were taking you on vacation. She has not contacted us at all. We are going on vacation, to the Cape and New Hampshire because you are not visiting her.
But, she said....
I'm sorry she made you think that - it was pretty mean of her to say something that wasn't true.

I was wondering when this was coming. Bio has been really leading youngest along. She has a knack for telling the kids what they want to hear (or she thinks they want to hear) rather than the truth. In the course of one phone call she will tell each kid something different. And the weird thing is that they don't compare notes. My brother and I still compare notes and our parents are not lying to us.

And the field trip was fun. I went too. Bad mommy that I am. Three more days of school, one promotion ceremony, and one last Girl Scout event and then we are free for the summer. Yeah!!!
We leave for vacation on July 2. I'll have to tell you where when we get back in case the kids stumble upon this. We never tell them until we get there. All they know is that we are driving and it is somewhere they have never been. I will give them a packing list which includes driving time (they need to bring something to keep them occupied in the car). At this point they have fun guessing. It'll be a trick this year. We are making a one night stop to see the NRA museum before heading to our final destination. I'm so excited.

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Martha said...

Best Wishes for a fun vacation!
What is up w/bio? She is so unreliable on all fronts.