Tuesday, June 29, 2010

catch up

Our anniversary we spent going to dinner at Abigail's, going to see Knight and Day at the movies and ice cream before heading home. I mentioned to my boss how much I liked the escargot at Mill on the River. She said I should try Abigail's as it is owned by the same people. The escargot was the best I've had. I followed that with roast duck. Hubby had the mixed grill - fillet, baked stuffed shrimp and grilled chicken. Knight and Day stars Tom Cruise. He is not my favorite actor but the movie sounded the best of what was showing. We really liked it. And even though Cold Stone Creamery suddenly closed we managed ice cream and Ben & Jerry's. We spent the night talking and didn't mention the kids or bio the entire evening. It was such a great night.

This week I am crunching numbers and bank reconciliations at work in preparation of vacation. I have one more day. Thursday will be errands at home - oil change, drop off birthday present to my nephew, pack, clean out the fridge dinner with my parents, etc. Then in the wee hours of Friday morning we hit the road. Yeah!!!!!

Son managed to fail math. The straight A's the last month of school was not enough to pull him through. Summer school - 12 days - 30 hours or repeat the entire class. He's in summer school. And he is paying the tuition. Maybe, just maybe he's learned his lesson.

Oldest and boyfriend celebrated their one month anniversary. He bought her a necklace and matching diamond earrings. A little much I think.

Oldest and son's girlfriend were going to drag their men along with youngest to see Eclipse (the new Twilight movie). The boys want to see it as much as I do. Yuk - never! Youngest has been saving her birthday gift card for the movies since her birthday in April for this big event. We explained to oldest that this is a sister date. They can drag the guys to another movie. With the 5 year age gap - the sisters have little in common at this point. Let them share Eclipse. Oldest went down and bought the tickets tonight. Tomorrow afternoon that's where they'll be. Boyfriend thanked me for getting him out of it. Added bonus.


Walk in the Woods said...

Sounds like you had a sweet evening. And I hope these next couple of days fly smoothingly - getting you on the road to your vacation destination. Enjoy!

Martha said...

Happy Anniversary and I think the jewelry is quite a bit "much". Good for you about the movie and sister date.

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