Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Field Day

I spent yesterday morning at my last field day. The gym teacher sets up more than a dozen events for the kids and parents run each station. The classes rotate through each event over the course of the morning. I always volunteer to help at an event involving water. The kids really enjoy these. Yesterday was a wet sponge toss. It's supposed to like an egg toss but kids and wet sponges - little control. I had them change it to which side could toss more sponges. Water, sponges and laughter filled the air. I have so much fun at this event.

Exams start Thursday for son and oldest. Good thing oldest knows the schedule. Son could careless. I calmly explained that even though he has buckled down this semester enough to pass math he is a few points away from passing for the year. A good exam grade stands between him and summer school. I think a few days of studying would be well worth the effort.

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