Friday, April 16, 2010

Call me petty

or bitchy, or whatever.....

So, we had youngest's family birthday celebration last night. Pizza in the oven - hubby hasn't filled the tanks for the grill yet. So, after make your own pizzas - mine was caramelized onions, mushrooms and roasted peppers with mozzarella and feta cheese - we had homemade coffee ice cream cake. I used oreos to make the crust (funny, I only buy them for ice cream desserts). Then she opened her presents. First the one sent by bio.

Now, for three months she has been calling bio and telling her what she wants - three months. The same thing. At least one of the set of four games for her Pokemon. That was not what she sent. And it was wrapped in Bratz paper - what is she turning 6. The card gushed about how she loves her and misses her. Really? She hasn't talked to any of the kids since Easter and hasn't seen them in over a year (really good thing). And she never called for her birthday. But, she really misses her. Please (say this extended with a big eye roll). The present got a small oh and she moved on.

Then she opened with cards from grandparents.

Then our present.

In a big bag I wrapped her presents and layered them. Starting with a patch from the science museum for her collection, a water bottle holder for her bike, some new bras, a couple of books she wanted and drum roll.... the present she has been asking bio for. Well, actually two of the games. We got a huge smile, big eyes and lots of thank yous. OK, that thrilled me to no end. For a nano second at least we were the heroes.


Kathy said...

I wouldn't call you bitchy or petty.

Bio sounds like my sister-in-law, who I am happy to say has no children. With my SIL, her illness set in when she was about 18 and here she is at 56 with the personality of a spoiled 18 year old. I am praying for compassion, but mostly I just avoid her.

Martha said...

It seems bio's elevator doesn't reach the top floors... or even any floors for that matter.