Saturday, June 13, 2009

Count Down Begins

Three more days of work until vacation. Oldest and son have four days of school. Youngest has five. Of course oldest is taking exams while youngest has field day and pizza parties. Son goes to school until Thursday but Monday night is his promotion ceremony. We told him it was up to him if we went. He wants to go. That surprises me because he chose not to go to his class picnic or the dinner boat cruise.
I think promotion ceremonies are the silliest waste of time. They have them now for nursery school, 6th grade and 8th grade. In son's case it means he can walk from one end of the school to the other. All of his elective classes are already in the high school. This ceremony has been added since I attended the school. It is brought on by parents who think we need to make our kids feel good. These are the same parents that give every kid in 6th grade a trophy for soccer. A certificate for participation I can understand but, a trophy. You get the trophy weather you have played one year or seven. It means what?
Back to the count down. Laundry is in full swing - it always is. Mail has been stopped. The cats and dog have sitters lined up. Maps were printed. Restaurants and things to do were researched and put in the folder. I am oh so ready to go.


Laura Rose said...

It is a bit much...although kindergarten is cute...have a wonderful vaca!

Walk in the Woods said...

Tick Tock ... Tick Tock!

Martha said...

You sound super ready to go on vacation!! I don't think promotion ceremonies are too, too bad. Our boys have worked so hard in school that I appreciate the recognition and transition that a promotion signals. Our school districts don't make too big of a deal out of it, it's very touching and sweet.

Alicia said...

I agree there are too many ceremonies now. I can understand Kindergarten and Senior Graduation...any other is crazy!

I hope you have a wonderful vacation!

Darcy said...

I agree...Kindergarten and High school. The "feel good" moms are devaluing soccor trophies. They don't mean anything now. They aren't something you earned and can feel a sense of accomplishment over. That, in my opinion, is robbing children of that sense of accomplishment. But what do I know.

I love the time leading up to vacation. The anticipation, the happiness and excitement building up inside....I envy you! Have a wonderful time! I will be feeling that in August! Can't wait until Math class is over. I'm going camping! Whoo hoo!

mrsb said...

When I lived in Texas, you graduated high school, that was it.

Here in NJ, they graduate kindergarten, 5th grade (when they change schools to the middle school), 8th grade, and high school!