Thursday, June 18, 2009

On my mind

Work is almost over for the week - one last bank reconciliation to do while I'm here in my pj's. It's for one of the accountants at work. I couldn't say no after he helped balance my nightmare account.

Youngest's teeth are all fixed after her little incident with the baseball bat. The dentist doesn't think their is any permanent damage. Woohoo!

Hubby and I are off tomorrow. I have a list of things to accomplish before we leave. Most of the items are in preparation to leave. But first, our date will start with renewing our pistol permits. We have such romantic dates. Then I will run our dog Sammy up to mother-in-love's so she can watch him for the week. My parents will tend to the cats and the plants. Hubby will take a nap as he is working tonight.

Then bright and early Saturday morning we will be off. I will be unplugged. So, it may be a while before an update.

Thanks for all the support with bio and have a great week my dear readers.


annie kelleher said...

have a great week!!!

Martha said...

Have a fun and safe trip! I can't wait to hear all about it.

Alicia said...

Have a great trip!

Walk in the Woods said...

... renewing your pistol permits ... romantic indeed! LOL!


Kathy said...

Have a great vacation!

Lynette said...

ummmmmm pistol permits
can we say red neck


hey my dear hubby gave me a fishing license for my birthday one year but not a fishing pole

next year my mom gave me a PINK fishing pole

yeah but no license

so red neck and dumb here lol