Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The week end was great. Youngest went to a sleep over birthday part. Hubby, oldest, son and I went to the drive in. We met a group of my friends there to see Up and Night at the Museum. It was a lot of fun. Sunday I puttered around the kitchen all day.

Today I went for my mammogram. I'm all set. The year stretched into 18 months and I think I'm going to tell the doctor every other year. If they are going to screen me for anything it should be heart disease or Alzheimer's which both run in my family.

Then I was off to spend the day with a friend. We were finally able to coordinate schedules. It was cold and rainy so we slipped swimming for a long walk. We then headed back to her place to make lunch. What a fun relaxing time.

I gave the kids the master packing list this morning. The excitement is building and bags are being packed. They are all trying to guess where we could be going. They will know soon enough.

Bio told youngest hubby is an a#$hole for sending her to summer school and that he should have consulted her first. That not to worry because next summer she will be in Arizona the entire summer and not have to do something as foolish as summer school. What?! Summer school is four days a week four four weeks. It is 3 hours a day. Youngest is going into 6th grade at a 4th grade reading level and we should consult bio about making sure youngest gets a good education. I think not.

Bio claims she is going to mail the kids cameras to take pictures as long as hubby and I are not in them. We all have cameras and we told the kids that we can download the digital pictures and have them developed and mailed directly to their mother. Oh. Why would we not let the kids take pictures? Why would we not give them cameras for vacation? The women is nuts! And I think the lids realize that as well.


Lynette said...

boy life does not have to be that hard. i wonder when bio will figure that out.

btw we also went to the drive in last weekend and saw the same movies.

how cool is that

Martha said...

Bio is toxic and I am so glad she is far away from you all.
Best Wishes for A Fabulous vacation!!

Laura Rose said...

I hope you have a wonderful vaca!

mrsb said...

Wow! That's just a bunch of crap on her part!

Darcy said...

WOW...she's a piece of work! The kids aren't really going there next year for the summer are they?? Gosh I hope not! They'll be a mess for months!!! I can't believe that she thinks summer school is a bad idea!!!!!! She is no mother. She sounds like a demon!

Have fun on vacation and try not to take her with you and the kids. Think of the pictures as YOUR family memories and documentation of your lives. Not for EvilBio!