Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad

Today is my Dad's 69th birthday. The new convertable is under wraps as it is raining. So much for our first spin in the new car.

I love both of my parents and I took things way from both of them but, if you ask who I am most like it would be my Dad. As other people complain they sound like their Mom - I sound like my Dad. I even warn the kids I am about to have a Dad moment. Which means they should really clean their rooms good.

We share a love of sports cars, travel and over analyzing everything. I'm not quite as anal as my Dad but maybe a real close second. He worked hard when we were growing up - sometimes two jobs but he insisted that if you play hard you need to take a break as well. We took a week every year as a family and went away three or four week ends a year. Dad and Mom were both involved in what we did as kids. Boy/Girl scout leader, chaperon for square dancing, and they were at every swim meet. We worked as a family. If the lawn needed mowing we were all outside doing some part.

And Dad made sure we knew the importance of an education. That was our number one job growing up. As Dad would say, no one can take that away from you.

So, happy birthday uglier than me! I love you! Ha, when I write it you can't come back with ain't nobody.


Martha said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad!! Ain't nobody finer, I'm sure!

Walk in the Woods said...

Happy Birthday Dad!!!!!!!

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