Friday, June 3, 2011

No you didn't

Last Sunday I went with the Girl Scouts to Six Flags.  It was me, the leader and the four girls.  Oh, and wait the leaders son.  He is in the sixth grade.  He will be 12 later this month.  His father was home that day so he could have stayed home but no... what he wants he gets.  I had actually been looking forward to this trip.  I don't ride very many rides but I'm content to wait for the girls to go on the rides they want (next time I'm bringing a book).

So, while leader and one girl headed to the coaster that looped I took the rest back to the snack shack because HE wanted fries.  On the way we stopped for a ride with no wait.  He wasn't happy.  So, we get to the snack shack.  The sell fries, cheese fries, chicken tender combos with fries and a steak sandwich combo.  Leader makes it back before it was time to order.  HE orders chicken tenders and a fries.  The girl at the counter asked if he wanted a combo.  NO, I want them separate.  It would be cheaper to get a combo.  No, I just want an order of chicken tenders and an order of fries.  I explained the difference and HE very strongly said NO, THAT"S WHAT MY MOM WANTS!  OK, I said to the girl give him what he wants.

His order comes and Leader is not happy.  She wanted him to get a combo and an order of fries.  I explained that he got just what he ordered.  And she says to me, "That is not what he ordered.  HE said you got involved and screwed everything up!" 

I actually bit my tongue - she was my ride home, my daughter deserved to enjoy the rest of the day and I wouldn't give that little .... the satisfaction.  

Leader got back in line for an order of fries.  Which by the way no one ate.  With what everyone else had ordered and shared everyone was full.  And these were probably the worst french fries I have ever had.  Soggy and limp with no flavor.  Like the oil wasn't hot enough.  She wrapped the fries and put them in her bag.  Really!  They were bad hot I can't imagine what they would be like later.

We were leaving at 5 and it was now 12:30.  From this point on HE wanted to know when we were going home.  HE whined the rest of the day (he was wining before this too - he's just a whiner) 

I am so glad youngest is done with girl scouts after tonight.  The leader keeps asking her about next year and she keeps saying - "No, I'm joining the fire department."  What she doesn't say is that she thinks both your kids are obnoxious spoiled brats and she's tired of doing what they want to do.

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