Monday, June 13, 2011


The past two weeks have been filled with storms.  Our neighbors to the North were devastated by tornadoes.  My prayers to them.  Our dinner guest this past week end is a lineman for the electric company.  He has been working crazy hours getting the power back on.  He had to cancel on dinner and work all night.  His girlfriend was mad.  His family is annoyed that he went to work.  I understood.  Though if he apologised one more time..... Aaaarrgh.   So, I had already made the pies (3 - one for dinner, one for left overs and one for him to take home) and the salads.  He had asked for burgers on the grill.  So, youngest and I made a trip North and brought him a care package.

My kindergarten friend asked when I was swinging by with a batch of cookies.  So, tonight I will be delivering a batch to the fire house.

My kids think I should start a care package business.  Hmmm! 

Today is the last full day of school.  Half days until Friday and the kids are out for the summer.

On our trip North we stopped and visited with MIL and FIL.  Youngest asked if she could stay the night (along with son) for our anniversary.  So we will be childless during our celebration.  I'm in charge of dinner reservations.

She also asked if she could come for a week this summer.  MIL said that would be wonderful and we would work out when.

And why does youngest get what she wants and the other kids don't?  She is not afraid to ask.  Don't know where she gets that from.

I've been walking and weeding flower beds and reading a lot.  I'm looking forward to lazy days at the beach with kindle in hand. 

And that's what I've been up to.

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