Sunday, June 5, 2011

No you Didn't part 2

So, Friday night was our last Girl Scout event.  We went to the Discovery Museum in Bridgeport.  They split all of the girls into two teams - 8 positions each.  The girls had to apply for the positions they wanted.  One team ran mission control and one team ran the spaceship headed to the moon.  Halfway through the teams switched positions.  Each of the two rooms were set up like either a spaceship or mission control.  It was great fun.

So, the event is about an hour and a half from home.  We met early enough to stop for supper on the way.  We stopped at this diner that had everything from burgers and fries to Italian.  I ordered a lush salad topped with green apples, cranberries, crumbled blue cheese and walnuts.  Youngest had a grilled cheese with onion rings and our leader had stuffed shells. HE came along and whined about wanting McDonald's.  Her daughter whined about wanting subway.  We had passed a subway and leader said we could stop their afterwards.  Because that was an option the one other girl to come opted for subway. 

Son ordered fries.  They looked really good.  He complained about the shape.  They were steak fries.  He offered sister and friend to try them.  When youngest asked if she could try one he said, "No, it's not like I'm going to try your onion rings."  (Not because she wouldn't offer but because he is so picky)  Leader made him give her one.  When we left over half the plate was still filled with fries.

We sat in a large booth.  I was on the inside.  Sister in the middle and HE was on the outside.  When he whined about not having enough room leader told them to move in that their was a foot between sister and me.  Sister claimed there was only 6 inches and HE said, "Don't worry I won't make you move down."

So, we left the diner and went to subway for the girls.  Then we went to McDonald's for him.  And we wonder why we have a problem with them eating.   My comment would be eat at the diner or not at all.

So, at this point HE realizes that this is an all girl event (Hello - girl scout event).  HE doesn't want to hang with the girls.  Leader said she would walk around the museum with him while I went with the girls.  Hey, do you really trust me with them?

Towards the end of the event HE came into the "spaceship" with leader.  He later said he wished he could have participated.  Oh well.  There was no room any way.

On the way home HE was eating pretzel rods.  He passed the bag to sister and her friend.  When youngest asked if she could have one HE said, "No, there are not enough."  Leader made him give her one.  HE was not happy.

And I managed to bite my tongue the entire trip.  And Leader, do you really want to know why youngest does not want to join Girl Scouts next year?  Two words - sister and HE

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