Friday, September 11, 2009


I came home from work the other day to discover hubby had weeded my garden. He wanted me to check out the other gardens and let him know what could go. Yesterday he weeded some more, removed over grown brush and made life much nicer for a few trees we want to encourage growing.
I went to get dressed for work and there was an "oooh sexy" note stuck to my suit. A "good morning beautiful I love you note" inside my cell phone and another note in my wallet. He is just so sweet sometimes.

Kids are adjusting well to school. I'm adjusting really well. Last Friday I had a lunch date with a friend. It was good to share and laugh. Hail to the PPP. Saturday I went tag saling with a friend and then out to lunch.

Monday youngest and I went clothes shopping. It seems the jeans that fit her just a few weeks ago now look like capris. For the first time she actually cares what she is wearing and is trying to match. She even picked out a few skirts and a scarf to match. My baby is growing up and looking pretty good.

Today I am off to the grocery store. The family is getting a little tired of chicken which seems to be all that is left in the freezer.

And..... after missing my trip to the farm back in February because bio tried to snatch my kids I finally have a new date to go. Hubby is off columbus day week end and I am headed north to spend a week end with my girlfriend who actually has that week end off as well. Yeah!!!!!


Martha said...

Oooh, hubby is so sweet. Yeah for rescheduling your farm trip!!

annie kelleher said...

oh how wonderful that he appreciates you!!!! so glad to hear you are taking time for you and that face cream is GREAT!!! i love it.. only trouble is buddy loves it too!!! i can't get within nose range or he's all over my face!!!!!

Walk in the Woods said...

I have to say the notes are *charming.* I don't think such a gesture would occur to The Boy. As for weeding, he's dynamite! Of course, I'm never far off with my Watchful Eye. And the farm - how nice for you! ENJOY!