Sunday, September 13, 2009

Better Mood

After soccer in the rain I did a little laundry and chilled on the couch. Oldest and I went to our fire department appreciation dinner. She's made friends there and was off in her own direction and I connected with the women. We laughed so hard. We also swapped child rearing stories which makes one feel not so alone.

I woke up on my own this morning - no alarm - no kids crawling in. That makes for a much more rested feeling. So after harvesting in Farmville on FB (I am so addicted but weening myself down) I sit and sip a cup of coffee.

Today is hubby's fire department picnic at the beach. It is chock full of lots of food starting with hot dogs and hamburgs for lunch and ending with steamers, lobster and steak for dinner. There is also clams on the half shell for son and I to enjoy.

But first, temple ended its summer hiatus last week and I couldn't make it because of the family picnic but today I will go and reconnect with my Goddess Sisters. It is good for my soul.


mrsb said...

Hahaha! I am a Farmville addict, too! I blame my hubby, who got me playing so he could have neighbors!

Martha said...

I am so glad you are in a better mood.

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