Monday, December 31, 2012


Yesterday son turned eighteen.  It seems to be a pivotal point in a young person's life.  I started to reflect what that age meant to me.  My birthday was celebrated in a dorm room.  My roommate had borrowed a bunt pan and the recipe from my mom and made my favorite cake.  My aunt sent me a party in a box that included tied dyed balloons and chocolate chip cookies.  It meant I was legally an adult and had the right to vote.  I exercised that privilege via absentee ballot the next month.  And, and....... I could join the military and fight for my country but I couldn't go to a bar and order a drink.  And...that was about it.

For oldest it meant she could go live with bio.  She planned her running away for months with bio's help.  It wasn't very secret or well executed but it taught her many life lessons.  The horrible people she was leaving wished her well and threw her a going away party.  We prayed for her safety and well being and let her go.  I knew what it felt like to be that age.  There are some things one needs to learn on their own and the hard way.  We could not change her mind but send her off with as much love and support as we could muster so she would feel welcome to come home.  It worked.

For son it means he's an adult.  He is already committed to the Marine's.  That paperwork was signed over the summer.  It means he can buy a gun - a riffle.  And that was his plan.  And when asked why he answered, "because I can."  This scared the hell out of me.  I know he is a military buff and loves target practicing but.......  So after my talk with hubby.  Hubby had a chat with son.  The gun cabinet is full and you leave in July for boot camp.  Borrow my (hubby's) shot gun if you like but save your money and buy what you really want when you get out of the Marine's.  He was OK with that. 

{Now, my hubby was in the military himself and is a police officer.  Guns are a part of our life.  Everyone in the house has been taught to shoot and gun safety, gun safety, gun safety.  The gun locker is locked and hubby is the only one with access.  I, being a typical Libra can see both sides of the gun debate.  Each has very valid points.  I don't come down fully on one side or the other.  Not because I'm wishy washy but because each has a valid point.  Do we need to make some reforms?  Probably.  Do we need to take away my right to bear arms?  No.  Will I listen to your argument with an open mind and heart?  Yes.}

Son can now vote.  He can now leave to live with bio.  He has chosen not to.  I don't think he was pressured like oldest.  Bio worked on her for years.  He knows exactly what he wants in life and he is going for it no matter what.  Oldest was too worried about what others and especially bio thought.  Not so much any more.

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