Sunday, December 23, 2012

Last Week

I started last week in a council of Women.  We sat together, prayed together, held what was in each others hearts.  This deep meaningful time together sustains me, encourages me and opens me to new views, new options, new things to explore and nourish. 

In the deep sorrow of the tragedy at Sandy Hook I think of ALL our children.  All those that we don't talk about.  All those kids who are hungry, abused, isolated, falling through the cracks in our system.  The system needs to be fixed.  I have no answers.  I know I must find a way to help fix this brokenness.  And I pray that we sit with the brokenness, ponder it and grow from it.  I hope we don't just react quickly and with no help for the brokenness.

Monday morning I went to work.  This is unusual for me but I had work that needed to be done before vacation.  A huge project looming that my boss had me take over so that it would be completed. It has sat fallow for almost two years.  My boss was on vacation.  It was a jamming week for everyone with her gone, the payroll year coming to an end and the holiday just around the corner. Our newest AP clerk comes in and quits.  And as much as this is a blessing - her middle school drama, poor quality of work, etc.  this left everyone in a bind.  I ended up putting in over 40 hours as did my co-workers.  Lunches were brief.  Heads were down and keyboards humming. 

Thursday night I attended a Solstice celebration.  My hubby and youngest came.  It made my heart sing that hubby came.  This is so out of his comfort zone.  More than thirty of us gathered to pray, sing, delve into the darkness and welcome the returning of the light.  And as we sat in the darkest day of the year it was clear to me how much we need to sit with this darkness.  It is in the depths that we nourish the seeds we wish to grow.

I left work after lunch on Friday not to return until January 2.
Friday night we went to the fire department Christmas party.  It was good to sit with old friends and catch up.  It was good to be on a date with my handsome hubby.  It was good.

Saturday was our family holiday celebration.  My parents came for breakfast.  Sausage gravy, cheddar biscuits and streusel topped french toast.  We had time to visit and solve the problems of the world.  Monday they migrate south for the winter.  I am so blessed that they are healthy and able to enjoy life on their terms. 

They left and I prepped dinner and took a nap.  My in-laws came for dinner.  I made many of my father-in-love's favorites. I mentioned that he is very vocal about his likes but that I didn't know what my mother-in-love's favorites would be.  She said that is because she likes everything.  We started with crab cakes followed by a bacon wrapped beef roast, roasted potatoes, glazed carrots, corn a rhubarb pie and cookies. We had a really nice relaxing visit.

And now, all I have to do is relax. 

This week I will spend time with the kids.  We plan to hit a museum with a huge Lego display.  I will book our summer vacation.  I will putter and recharge.

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