Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Year

For me the new year began with Winter Solstice and going deep within.  This week has been a quiet week of vacation - chilling at home, visiting, cooking, reading and reflecting.  I have long since given up the practice of New Year's resolutions.  For me change is a constant in life. If I detect something I want to add to my life, let go of or alter I don't wait until New Year's eve or Sunday to start.  That doesn't mean that everything I start sticks the first time but, I get right out there and try again.

It has been a somber time as the Newtown shootings, the Webster fire department shootings, the gang rape and murder of a medical student in India hit the news.  And I find all of these things heartbreaking.  But, these things are happening every day only a few make the news.  We hear what the media deems worthy and that drives me crazy.  And I ponder what I can do.  And not just a knee jerk reaction to make me feel good in the moment but what can I do in the long term. 

I sit with the brokenness and look at ways I can get involved.  I want to be the change I wish to see in the World.  I have taken a few small steps.  I'm looking into other possibilities.

Today we celebrate son's birthday.  Tomorrow he turns 18.  He is working tomorrow.  So, tonight we will have margarita chicken and a German chocolate cake.  Everyone in the house picks their own birthday meal.  He legally becomes an adult. He counts down the days until he reports to boot camp.  High school graduation is just a step in the process and holds little meaning for him.  April will be his last family vacation.  And in a few months youngest will be an/the only child.

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