Monday, December 24, 2012

My family

Some how related to a three ring circus.  We are a group of strong opinioned doers.  And by my family I mean those I was born to and grew up with.  My dear hubby, children and such have nothing to do with this. 

My mother-in-love cleaned house and brought books, cd's and puzzles Saturday night for me to bring to my mom and aunt.  I called my mom who was going to be leaving the following day and suggested I bring all of the books to my aunt.  She is 86, recovering from hip replacement and suffering from unrelated back pain.  She only reads free  books.  I am much pickier and in the 100 books or more found nothing of interest.  I find romance novels predictable and tedious but that is another story.  Mom agreed and said her and Dad were meeting my brother at my aunt's to do some last minute repairs before they left.

My cousin and her partner are here visiting for the holidays.  I arrived and one was cleaning out kitchen cabinets and tossing all out dated items.  I removed my shoes and my cousin insisted I put on slippers.  It was easier to comply than fight. My aunt was cleaning out drawers.  My brother soon arrived with both kids in tow.  Ladders were pulled out and Dad and brother set about cleaning out the dryer vent and who knows what else.  The kids were up, they were down, they were silly and noisy.  They did laps in the house and played the "miss me, miss me now you got to kiss me" game.  I complied with lots of kisses.  I'll take it while I can because I know too soon they will not want a hug never mind a kiss. And in the midst of this pictures were being taken, presents opened, drinks offered, books sorted and trash emptied.

It was a lot of activity in a small space.  And as quickly as we swooped in we departed.  Plans were made for a more quiet visit with my cousin and aunt.  I enlisted my brother in taking two trees down in my yard before spring arrives with bud and leaves.  I said one last good bye to my parents who will not return until May.  I hugged and kissed my niece and nephew again because I could.  And reveled in the peace and quiet.

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