Friday, December 14, 2012

Holiday Prep

The holidays are fast approaching.  My hubby wondered out loud last night why people were acting so crazy.  I said it was the December dis-ease.  I saw it a lot when I worked retail.  People wait until the last minute to do everything they think needs to be done, they believe they need to have warm cozy family time, and a whole host of other things.  When none of this happens they panic and take it out on those around them, the retail clerk and the police. 

I have mixed emotions on celebrating Christmas to begin with.  I have fond memories of it when I was a kid.  I remember the family, playing cards, visiting friends and leaving Santa cookies and a hi-ball.  I remember very few gifts that I received and I don't remember what we ate (which means it really wasn't out of the ordinary as I am all about the food).  I do remember my aunt's peanut butter fudge.  It was so good I would buy more at the holiday fair.  And my other aunt made these tiny little butter cookies that just thinking about them makes my mouth water.

Now I'm more about celebrating Yule and the turn of the wheel.  The sun has reached the depths of it waning and starts waxing.  I appreciate those I love.  I indulge in present giving for the kids and baking for those I love.  Although any occasion really is cause for me to bake or cook for those I love.  What shopping I do I complete early.  I spend December wrapping presents and wrapping up in a blanket.  I go within.  I plan menus.  I make lists of every one's favorite foods and I incorporate those into the coming days and weeks. 

Last year I took another step off the crazy train.  When hubby was telling me we had to visit this one and that I turned the conversation around.  I called the kids in and asked them what they would do for the holiday if they could and how would they celebrate with their grandparents.  I then asked hubby what he would really like.  It involved food and a lot of making love.  Any way......  All three wanted to stay home, enjoy the day and my cooking. I just like to putter in the kitchen.  So last year we had MIL and FIL for dinner on a different night and played dominoes.  We were able to visit and enjoy each others company.  And that is what we are doing again this year.

Years before that we had started a breakfast tradition with my parents.  Until this year it was Christmas Eve morning breakfast as they  migrate south on Christmas day.  This year they are leaving a day early so breakfast has moved to the Saturday before.  The great thing about my parents is that they just want to get together - the calender date is not a big deal.

So, the menus are made and the grocery shopping will start.  This week end I will bake cookies and mail out care packages.

Cheddar biscuits and sausage gravy
Struesel topped french toast

crab cakes
bacon wrapped beef tenderloin
roasted potatoes
glazed carrots
rhubarb pie and assorted cookies

Christmas Day:
Pancakes & ????

Creamy Brussels sprouts
baked potatoes
German chocolate cake and assorted cookies

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