Saturday, December 1, 2012

Darkness approaches

      We are now in December.  The winter solstice and the darkest day of the year is approaching quickly.  I feel myself entering that space of deep contemplation, going within, seeing what seeds need nourishing and what seeds need to lay fallow for a time or forever. 
     I love the change of seasons.  I feel them deeply in my being.  I love that I visibly see them unfold before me in this New England landscape.  It is a time to be quiet.  I read more weighty books.  Not the summer beach read but things that nourish some part hidden within my soul; something that makes me think.  I pick up the needle point.  I change what and how I'm cooking.  I snuggle under the blankets and hibernate figuratively and literally. 
     For me the year is just beginning.  It doesn't start with the traditional New Year and a flip of the calender.  It is this time that sets the tone for the coming months.  I am in a good place this year.  I feel blessed and nourished.  I feel ready to start on this year's journey - fed and whole.  Yet, there is change lurking. 
     There is always change lurking.  It is good. 

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