Monday, November 26, 2012

What a difference a couple of years make

Did I mention I called my MIL to discuss our Christmas plans and see how her visit with oldest went?  I thanked her for the input on my mug and she said it was all oldest.  She said a few days into her visit oldest said she needed to apologise to me and hubby for her actions and all the hurtful things she said before she left. Though I never received her apology I did get the thank you card and gift and a girl with a new attitude.  She was pleasant and appreciative. 

I went shopping with my Mommy today and she said she noticed a huge change in oldest.  She said she was so pleasant and talkative.

Oldest also told MIL that she got her love of education from me.  She also stated she was born and raised in CT and doesn't think the southwest is her permanent home.

Ah, wonders will never cease. 

And, I'm getting a whole new attitude from hubby's family.  I said we had to let her go.  Not only could we not legally keep her here but, we needed to let her go in a way that she felt welcome to come back and that she felt we supported her decision.  I remember being her age.  I remember what you could tell me.  I know some times you need to hop that fence to see if the grass is greener.  She found a dust bowl and she found herself.

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