Friday, November 16, 2012

Back from .....

I'm back or I should say my computer is back.  I've been pretty much off the net for two weeks.  I'd hop on my daughter's lap top here and there to pay bills and check e-mail but that's about it.

I've been cleaning.  At first I attributed it to being computer less but in reality it was stress induced cleaning.  The kind that puts your house and life in order.  A FULL truck load went to the dump - trash, recycling and many items for the tag sale room. 

Rooms were dusted, washed and rearranged from ceiling to floor.  Closets and drawers were gone through.  The spare room was painted and re purposed. 

The house looks good.

Ah, and the stress.  My oldest daughter is here for a visit.  The cleaning took place in prep for her arrival.  MIL flew her in for a two week visit.  This is our week to have her.  It's going much better than expected.  I have put my mask of love and compassion on with hopes to grow into it or at least fully embody it for the week.

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