Friday, October 26, 2012

Party at My House

Tomorrow night I am hosting a pampered chef party.  Mine are like none you've ever been to before.  Why? Because I love to cook. For me this is an excuse to entertain and have my girlfriends over.  If they want to buy something fine if not I don't care.  This is probably why I wasn't ubber successful when I sold the stuff.  I hate pushing items on a person they wouldn't use or can't afford.  I only buy items I would use - and that is a lot over the years.  Now, my kitchen is pretty well stocked and I'm much more selective. But, back to my party.  Usually you go to a demonstration and the sales person demonstrates making a recipe or two and shows you the products and gives a big sales pitch.  At my house you had better come hungry.  I prepare food and lots of it (all from pampered chef cook books).  We eat, we laugh, the products and books are there for you to look at and the sales person is there to answer questions.  I've prepped most of the food today and will put the finishing touches on tomorrow.  Here's the menu:


Curry Turkey Meatballs
Mini Vegetable Quiches


Potato Chowder
Autumn Wild Rice Salad with Grilled Chicken
Spinach & Artichoke Ring
BBQ Beef Brisket


Confetti Crisps
Cherry Chocolate Coffee Cake

The confetti crisps - cracker crust spread with a home made carmel sauce and baked until brown and bubbly.  Chocolate is then melted and spread on top and sprinkled with nuts, pretzels, M&M's and raisins.  I made a second tray for my kids.

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