Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mid Vacation

I'm somewhere in the middle of my vacation.  It occurred to me that this is the first year I have taken all of my weeks with the kids.  Hmmm!  What's up with that?  Hubby's been working and in class.  Son has no real interest in hanging out with me.  And frankly, at his age I'd be a little worried if he did.  Youngest has a vivid imagination but not when it comes to entertaining herself outside of the house or with other people.  She is content for me to come up with ideas. This drives me a tad bit crazy.

Saturday we hiked with people from work.  It was a beautiful day and we hiked to the Heublein tower which was actually open.  We were able to check out the view from the top of the tower.  Then youngest and I went out for lunch and a little coupon shopping.

Sunday I hit the gym long before she rolled out of bed.  The afternoon I spent hanging out.  And Monday I purchased paint for the spare room.  Hubby said he would paint if I picked up the color.  Jalapeno jelly it is.  It's much lighter than a jalapeno pepper so I'm not sure how they came up with the name but it matches the stripe in the new bedding I picked up.  My goal is to have the room finished before oldest comes for a visit.  After picking up paint we headed up to the newly refurbished Beckley Furnace.  It melted down iron to be be used commercially in the late 1800s and early 1900s.  It was really interesting.  We then took a short tour of town.  Youngest wanted to see her old stomping grounds.  This is where hubby and the kids lived before we were married.  Youngest moved just after kindergarten.

Yesterday she had her hair highlighted and by the time everyone met back at home it was too late to really do much.  This morning I puttered cleaning here and there and making piles of stuff to donate or bring to the tag sale room at the dump.  Youngest finally got out of bed.  And we've decided to catch a matinee this afternoon. 

The kids head back to school tomorrow and hubby and I have a date for lunch.  He has errands in the morning and I'm walking with a girlfriend.  Then Friday I am off for my last class in Vermont. 

I had a wonderful talk with my MIL this morning.  I called to see if she knew when oldest would be here.  She still doesn't have a date.  Oldest will know more after her first week end of drill (or whatever it is called) for the reserves.  FIL seems to think she will want to move back here.  I think not.  But, at least MIL is realistic about the whole thing and we were able to talk about all the possibilities, logistics, fears, concerns and hopes for this visit.

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