Monday, October 1, 2012

House to Myself

This morning the kids headed off to school; youngest with a new shade of eye shadow.  She's now matching the color to her outfits (day three of her experiment).  Hubby came home from work, changed and headed to a class at the fire academy for the day.  By that time I had already sorted through my CD's discarding some, finding hubby's missing ones and making sure they were all properly alphabetized.  My headache made it hurt to open my eyes.  On youngest's advice before leaving the house I went back to bed. 

I woke feeling better and realized no sleeping hubby meant I could crank the tunes.  So, music on I hit a few cleaning projects and watered the plants.  I then pulled out my soap supplies and started a batch.  I now have 8 bars of brown sugar and fig soap curing and 37 tubes of lip balm.  The last batch had rosemary in it which seemed to irritate my lips so this batch I made with lavender.  We'll see how that combines with the carrot seed oil once it cures.  I love what the carrot seed does for the skin but  the smell can be a little off putting to some.  It was also made with calendula oil so it should be awesome for the cold weather setting in.

Three more days at the office and I'm on vacation.  I didn't need to use any time for snow this past winter so I have vacation days still on the books.  I could take a day here and there but a whole week sounds so much more luxurious.  The kids have three days off for Columbus Day (OK one plus two teacher in-service days), hubby is off mid week but I think he has a class and the end of the week I head to Vermont for my last herbal class at Sage Mountain. 

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