Thursday, October 4, 2012

Best Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. And it was a great day.  It started the day before at my balance group.  Our leader and friend brought me flowers with a sage marker.  Sage for my classes at Sage Mountain, sage because it's an herb and sage because I'm a Sage she said.  I just love her.

I'm the scheduler in the house and for years I've been cooking my own meal and cake.  I write the day on the calender and go from there.  I'm not looking for anything big just to be remembered.  This year with brain fog I just can't shake setting in I'm boycotting scheduling.  Well, as much as I can.  So, no reminders, no note on the calender, nothing.  And my hubby remembered.  He asked for my cake recipe (the silly cake I've had since I was a little girl) and he baked it.  When he asked what I would like for dinner I just said anything I didn't have to think about. Chinese take out would be fine.  And it was. I came home to a huge hug and kisses from youngest along with birthday wishes.  My day was made. And the gift certificate for a full day at the spa was icing on the cake.

But, back up.  At work they usually do cakes.  Sometimes bagels.  MJ my row mate in crime asked me the day before if I would prefer bagels.  She knows I'm not a huge cake fan.  Yes!  What a carb luxury.  One co-workers car broke down on the way to work and we had to send someone to pick her up.  My boss (the bagel fetcher) had an emergency with one of her dogs and was late coming in after a stressful time at the vet.  Pumba is OK for now.  So, she arrives at the bagel place later than normal and they don't have a single onion bagel in the store.  But, it's for the birthday girl.  I assured her that I could live without onion but I greatly appreciated that she remembered what my favorite was (and I did).  And my everything bagel was scrumptious.

I received several warm sweet birthday greetings from one co-worker who was concerned that I had no exciting plans for my big day.  I received lots of well wishes from other co-workers and love from my balance group.  I came home to a bazillion well wishes on facebook.  And many were so heartfelt it brought tears to my eyes.

This out pouring made me feel so blessed and grateful.  The night before I had helped a girlfriend move under less than perfect circumstances.  She had put a call out for help and more than a dozen of us showed up. 

My heart is full.  That is the best gift ever. 

And peace and love to my Grandma who crossed over 24 years ago on my 21st birthday with a smile on her face.  I love and miss you.  Though I still very much feel your presence in my life.

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